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As the new owner of Peter Cocks, Rheem has agreed to honour valid express warranty claims for water heaters sold by the previous owner (Peter Cocks (2010) Limited). However, we are not responsible for any other claims in connection with those units (for example consequential damage etc). You or your insurer will need to discuss any claims of this type with the previous owner of the business. Please also note that any warranty claims submitted or in process prior to 1 March 2016, are the full responsibility of the previous owner.

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For warranty claims, please call freephone 0800 657 336 or click below to go to the online Rheem Warranty Claim form.


Due to localised water conditions, Rheem New Zealand advise that any of its “Rheem” or “Peter Cocks” branded Low Pressure Copper hot water cylinders are not suitable for installation in the postcode areas 4120 and 4122 in the Hastings district. We confirm that these cylinders are outside of our Rheem Warranty water chemistry termsĀ based upon recent testing and may result in subsequent pinhole corrosion. Despite not being covered under the Rheem warranty policy, on occasion, Rheem has voluntarily chosen to replace affected cylinders. This practice will cease for cylinders installed in the affected areas after 1 April 2022.

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