Medium/Low Pressure


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Low and Medium Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

Peter Cocks has been market leaders in the field of manufacturing low pressure and medium pressure cylinders for over 50 years. We were the first manufacturer to achieve the high installation standards required for the A grade watermark, which is determined by a standard heat loss test and shows the thermal efficiency of a cylinder.

Cylinders from Peter Cocks Ltd are renowned for their durability and solid performance, so it pays to think of your long-term requirements when choosing your cylinder.

We have a size to suit every situation, ranging from 13 Litre Undersinks to 450 Litre models:

  • Mains Pressure        500-800 kPa
  • Medium Pressure    120 kPa
  • Low Pressure            76 kPa

We manufacture Low/Medium pressure cylinders in both Light Weight Duplex Stainless Steel and High Grade Swaged Copper. Options are available for solar, wetback, heat pump, coil & more

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Due to localised water conditions, Rheem New Zealand advise that any of its “Rheem” or “Peter Cocks” branded Low Pressure Copper hot water cylinders are not suitable for installation in the postcode areas 4120 and 4122 in the Hastings district. We confirm that these cylinders are outside of our Rheem Warranty water chemistry terms based upon recent testing and may result in subsequent pinhole corrosion. Despite not being covered under the Rheem warranty policy, on occasion, Rheem has voluntarily chosen to replace affected cylinders. This practice will cease for cylinders installed in the affected areas after 1 April 2022.
We would therefore recommend our Rheem vitreous enamel or alternately Rheem or Peter Cocks stainless steel cylinders for installation in these areas assuming localised conditions remain as per the recent water testing. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local representative or Customer Services on 0800 657 336.

Hawke’s Bay Copper Warranty Information


Why Choose The Peter Cocks?

  • High Grade Duplex Stainless Steel – Specifically designed for Water Storage. Lightweight, longer lasting, easy installation
  • High Density Insulation – Lower power usage through better insulation. New generation CFC-free, non ozone depleting polyurethane
  • Energy efficient
  • Future Proofed – Additional ports allowing for future compatibility options

Peter Cocks does not compromise on quality – from the materials we use, to each stage in production – while still remaining price competitive! We do not follow the trend in quality-reducing, cost-cutting in the manufacturing process.

Our manufacturing process and smart design ensures that Peter Cocks is the best choice for a future proofed hot water cylinder you can reply on for durability and efficiency.