Dairy Cylinders

Hot water heating can account for up to 40% of the average dairy shed’s energy use, so it is important to choose a Dairy Hot Water Cylinder that delivers energy efficiency, optimum temperature and strong water flow.

Our Dairy Hot Water Cylinders are manufactured from heavy gauge copper, increasing resistance to corrosion and providing long life durability of the cylinder.

Key features include:

  • M.A.F. approved
  • Heavy gauge copper
  • Swaged barrels for increased strength
  • Manufactured to NZ Standard 4604
  • 50mm foam insulation resulting in lower power usage
  • 180 – 1000 litre capacity available for new or replacement installations
  • 2kw and 3kw elements in various combinations
  • Sight tube, fittings and valve kit included

Our superior design and manufacturing quality ensure that our Superfinelite Dairy Hot Water Cylinders provide a long life, high performance hot water supply for the dairy shed. So confident are we of the quality of our Dairy Hot Water cylinders that we provide a five year warranty when installed in accordance with all relevant building codes and standards. The cylinder itself is guaranteed for five years, and the remaining parts of the unit carry a 12 month warranty.

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The Peter Cocks Range of Dairy Hot Water Cylinders

180610 x 1300218061D
200610 x 1400220061D
225610 x 1530222561D
270610 x 1780227061D
300610 x 1900330061D
350610 x 21702 x 335061D
350710 x 17502 x 335071D
400710 x 19502 x 340071D
400800 x 15102 x 340080D
450710 x 21502 x 345071D
450800 x 16402 x 345080D
500800 x 17602 x 350080D
600800 x 20402 x 360080D
700800 x 23002 x 370080D

Dairy cylinders come complete with:

  • Elements and thermostats
  • 40mm Draw Off Ball Valve
  • 20mm Draw Off Ball Valve
  • Overflow Extension Tube
  • Hex Nipple ( 40mm + 20mm )
  • Sight Tube