Hot water heating can account for up to 30% of the average household’s energy use, so it is important to choose a hot water cylinder that delivers energy efficiency, optimum temperature and strong water flow.

Cylinders manufactured in the Peter Cocks factory (owned by Rheem since 2016) are designed specifically to meet these requirements and, over the last 50 years the Peter Cocks brand has built an impressive reputation for the outstanding quality of its products.

Our commitment to manufacturing quality products means that our cylinders provide homes, farms and businesses with cost-efficient, reliable and safe hot water systems.

Peter Cocks enjoys our links with other great Kiwi businesses, and take pride in supporting manufacturing in the Canterbury region.

Choosing your Hot Water Cylinder

Dramatic improvements in technology over recent years means that hot water cylinders are much more efficient and reliable than those of days gone by. There is also a wider range of models and sizes available.

It is important that you select the cylinder which is going to meet your needs, both in the short and long term, so that you have plenty of hot water for whatever application. Talk to your local plumbing merchant about your needs.

Think about how many people the system will have to service; a household’s usage of hot water system varies widely, depending on the age of family members, and the appliances used in the home. Consider also what energy source you wish to rely on.

Why choose Peter Cocks?

  • High Grade Duplex Stainless Steel – Specifically designed for Water Storage. Lightweight, longer lasting, easy installation
  • High Density Insulation – Lower power usage through better insulation. New generation CFC-free, non ozone depleting polyurethane
  • Energy efficient
  • Future Proofed – Additional ports allowing for future compatibility options

Peter Cocks does not compromise on quality – from the materials we use, to each stage in production – while still remaining price competitive! We do not follow the trend in quality-reducing, cost-cutting in the manufacturing process.

Our manufacturing process and smart design ensures that Peter Cocks is the best choice for a future proofed hot water cylinder you can reply on for durability and efficiency.